November 2, 2013



Mental Monologues old



The Mental Monologues is a tale about two people, The Said man and the Said Woman who love each other but like most men and women, the way in which they communicate is very different. the Said Woman, loud and garish, The Said Man, Quiet and reflective. This book has been described as a Mr Men book for adults.






 The Perfect Lady




The Perfect Lady and The Ever so Not So Perfect Lady could not be any different but despite their differences, they learn that each person has something unique to bring to the relationship.






The Wibbly Wobbly Woman




The Wibbly Wobbly Woman is a silly, poetic insightful look at how people who are ‘different’ can sometimes fail to get the medical treatment they need.






Bipolar UK – 30 Stories for 30 years of Bipolar UK

Our Encounters with Suicide

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